A diamond is the ultimate symbol of preciousness, of rarity, and of perfection. The Grand Cru Diamond signature range blends carefully selected rare coffees of strongly identifiable origin with regional excellence to obtain a flavour of unrivalled pleasure.


espresso decaffeinato

Product code: 02238
Typology: Ground Coffee
Quantity: 250g
EAN code: 8001681001418

A coffee taste for any moment of the day, a blend of decaffeinated Arabica and Robusta coffees, with a balanced, delicate and well-rounded flavour, perfect to taste even during the evening. Ground coffee for espresso maker, filter and French press cafetieres. caffèine content below 0,10%

New fresh pack

The new technology Fresh Pack with a flavour lock valve, as opposed to a vacuum, enables the packaging of freshly ground coffee in a controlled atmosphere. This process enhances and develops the wonderful aromatic notes that you will find unchanged in your cup of coffee. You’ll be amazed! >>


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