What we eat is essential to our well-being, that is to harmony between ourselves and our emotional, mental and physical state. This is why Bristot has created a new line of coffee with features aimed at ensuring your well-being, so that you can keep in shape without foregoing the taste and pleasure of coffee.


stomach friendly

Product code: 02242
Typology: Ground Coffee
Quantity: 250gr
EAN code: 8001681022406

Studies of the composition of coffee waxes have identified a number of substances that may be difficult for some people to assimilate. The dewaxing process removes these substances but keeps the positive features and aroma of a delicious cup of coffee.

The dewaxed coffee

Why did we ask our Master tasters to create a “stomach-friendly” coffee blend?
Always more work, more responsibilities, more things to do in our everyday lives: the pace becomes more frantic and your stress level rises!
The first effect of all this combined with a bad diet can cause digestive problems!
The remedy is to modify your diet and limit the consumption of food and beverages that can cause these problems. >>

New fresh pack

The new technology Fresh Pack with a flavour lock valve, as opposed to a vacuum, enables the packaging of freshly ground coffee in a controlled atmosphere. This process enhances and develops the wonderful aromatic notes that you will find unchanged in your cup of coffee. You’ll be amazed! >>


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