The Accademia

The same recipe can often turn out very differently. A great chef will no doubt achieve great results, while an inexperienced cook is unlikely to do so well.
The Excellent Espresso is like a great recipe. Making a coffee is one thing, while being a professional barman and making a truly excellent espresso is quite another.
Our aim is to guarantee a great result. This is why we have created the Academy, a teaching centre where we work together with our customers and partners in order to turn them into truly professional bar staff.
Our engaging, entertaining courses are held at various levels, and teach how to make great espresso, cappuccino and combined drinks, providing in-depth information on equipment and techniques. Designed to promote creativity and original interpretations that set their “artists” apart from the competition, they also include lessons on verbal communication techniques, aimed at making consumers feel perfectly at home when they pop into the bar for a coffee. At the Bristot Academy, bar staff and owners can learn how to increase profits, by running their establishment as effectively as possible.


The Ethic Code is a procaffé’s official document; it refers to the general principles and rules of behaviour to whom employees and whoever dials with procaffé S.p.A. has to strictly relate to.
You are able to download the Italian version of the Ethic Code documentation. The English version will be available soon.

General part
Ethic code
Special part 1
Special part 2


“high standard in professionalism”.
Cutting-edge technology, research and development, innovation and regular checks on production and roasting processes ensure top-class professional performance.
Our products are compliant with UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 and HACCP standards and are also certified as Kosher.


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