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“protagonist in the world…”
Caffè Bristot is the leading brand of Procaffe’ S.p.A., a historical company that has played a consistent role in the development of the Italian roasted coffee since the beginning of the century. It was born back in 1919 in the town of Belluno, in the Dolomite Mountains. Procaffe’ has subsequently united the activities of several historical brand names that are all strongly rooted in the territory of their commercial presence: Caffe’ Breda (established 1920), Caffe’ Deorsola (established 1921).
Today the owner is the international food group WEDL & Hofmann GmbH, thus providing the company with a solid financial and professional structure. With well-developed systems, motivated staff and sound quality control processes, we focus on improving products and service to meet the needs of coffee customers worldwide.
This structure has also recently added a new dimension to Procaffe’ S.p.A., with the introduction of the Testa Rossa franchise concept that is gaining ground in several European & International markets.


The values at the base of our work are ethical, integrity, correctness and transparency: both towards our consumers, who for us are the central soul of our business, and towards our suppliers, key partners for the construction of value . The Ethic Code is an official document of procaffé S.p.A., which identifies the general principles and rules of behavior of reference, to which all those, whether employees or not, who maintain working relationships with the Company are subject.

Ethic code
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“high standard in professionalism”.
Cutting-edge technology, research and development, innovation and regular checks on production and roasting processes ensure top-class professional performance.
Our products are compliant with UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 and HACCP standards and are also certified as Kosher.


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